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SmartCell Solutions is a trans-world company with physical offices both in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China as well as our US-based headquarters centrally located in Austin, TX. Having our International Head Quarters based in Hong Kong, we can supply the globe with easy centralized shipping ports, product quality control and distribution unparalleled in the industry. Our strategic partnerships allow us to be first hand on the assembly lines, on the quality control line, as well as the R&D lines which allow us to bring direct information from the factory to the end user without the normal middle men and confusion. We have been bridging the oceanic gap between suppliers and consumers for nearly a decade, passing the savings along the way.

Because all of our replacement parts for tablets and smartphones are quality tested to ensure proper functionality, we back all purchases with a no-hassle lifetime warranty. Whether you’re shopping for one replacement screen or hundreds of wholesale cell phone repair parts, SmartCell Solutions guarantees quality and a timely delivery with every purchase. We carry a full line of premium quality parts and devices on our site. If you are interested in our OEM Supply Chain Solutions, click here for more information on our insurance and carrier level products and services.

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