Who are we?

SmartCell Solutions is a globally located and renowned supplier of services and products within the wireless industry. With offices and factories spanning the Atlantic, and a combined 75 years of industry experience, we offer an unparalleled solution in both service and product. From our centrally located Austin, Texas distribution center, to our Hong Kong international sales and logistics office, and our licensed refurbish facility in Shenzhen, we cover all bases from start to finish. From engineering and manufacturing, to procurement and fulfillment, we provide a one stop solution for all of our business partners, publicly traded, franchised, or independently owned. We are able to supply insurance repair facilities who must uphold the highest OEM standards, to the repair shop storefronts looking for a value product, all the way to the end customer with the highest quality standards in the industry.

Since 2011, SmartCell Solutions has been setting up and reinventing the supply chain for high quality replacement parts for iPhones, iPads, and Samsung mobile devices. By partnering up and owning both the manufacturing and procurement side of the business as well as the sales side, SmartCell has created a closed loop solution for it's downstream partners to ensure that all parts are manufactured and distributed using the highest quality parts, techniques, and services. From our OEM Supply Chain Solutions to our TPOS ( Third Party OEM Specification ) products we offer the highest quality OEM tested standard on the market today.

Quality replacement parts for iPhone, iPad, and Samsung.

We understand the difficulties involved in sourcing high quality wholesale parts at attractive prices, while eliminating the logistical concerns that slow your business down. More than just being steady supplier, we want to be your partner and help your repair business grow by ensuring customer satisfaction and building a long-­term reputation for excellence with each order.

All of our parts are backed by rigorous testing performed by an experienced quality control department, resulting in extremely low defect rates. All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Austin with expert attention to accuracy and timeliness. We stand by the quality of our parts so you can too, and that means we offer a no ­hassle warranty and return policy.

The best value for your old devices & broken screens.

When the time comes for an upgrade, the smart consumer not only wants to receive the most value possible for their old device, but also the assurance that it's going into good hands. Good hands that contribute to responsible recycling by greatly extending the product life cycle, which in turn keeps devices from ending up in landfills. No matter if you're an individual with a single device or an enterprise­ level business looking to liquidate a large inventory, we're here to help.

By leveraging our knowledge of the international recommerce market and our network of trusted refurbishers, SmartCell Solutions provides smartphone users the easiest way to get top market value for their old devices and broken screens. In just a few short years we've recycled thousands of devices, all while bringing a safe, hassle­ free selling experience to each one of our valued customers. Please contact us to get a quote on your device or screens today!

*If you are located in the greater Austin area (including Round Rock, Cedar Park, and Pflugerville), San Marcos, or San Antonio, you are eligible to meet with one of our representatives in person and get paid in cash the same day. Click here to get started! If you live outside of our coverage area, contact us to learn more about how to secure a quote and ship your device(s) or screens to us.