OEM Supply Chain Solutions

Insurance & Carrier Level Repair.

We know that insurance and carrier level repair and refurbishment demands the highest quality standards in the industry. With this in mind, SmartCell has created a OEM Supply Chain Solution to assist companies with less demographic reach achieve the same quality standards as their counterparts. Having a physical presence and manufacturing plants spanning the Atlantic, we are able to test and verify the quality and sources of the parts and services we can provide to other factories around the globe.


We offer a very strict and selective product line of true OEM parts to our partners who demand products meet the original quality standard. Using our extensive downstream network of partners abroad, we are able to locate and verify that the products we deliver to our partners have been vetted and supplied with a proper chain of custody, resulting in the pinnacle of quality.

Our highly certified and more important, legal factories in China, are able to place all of the products we are offered through the most highly scrutinized and technologically advanced testing SOP in the industry, passing less than 0.05% of all products onto our downstream OEM partners.

OEM Services

In addition to offering our OEM parts, we also offer our OEM services. SmartCell Solutions is proud to be an owner of a licensed, legal refurbishment facility located in the heart of China's industrial manufacturing center, Shenzhen. Located near Foxconn's own OEM facilities, we have constructed our refurbishment lines in their image. Following the processes and procedures of the original manufacturer, we are able to offer the highest refurbished insurance quality standards at competitive prices. Our refurbished OEM LCDs meet all of the testing and criteria of the most strict guidelines.