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Certified Reconditioned Phones

SmartCell Solutions has opened a licensed, legal factory in the manufacturing district of Shenzhen, China to provide our partners with the quality they deserve in a remanufactured device. Because the past history of a device is vital to it's role moving forward as a reconditioned item, we purchase our own units directly from trusted partners within the United States in order to close the supply chain from procurement to the end user. We purchase only products worthy of being refurbished and then put them through a rigorous quality control testing process before the device is allowed to pass onto our remanufacturing lines. Once the unit has passed our initial quality control, we begin remanufacturing it using the highest grade, cost effective parts possible to ensure the end user will have an enjoyable experience at a price they can afford.

Being a licensed, legal factory, we are able to cut down the costs of shipping logistics through the international customs agencies as we are a trusted licensed partner. This allows us to use the highest grade components while reconditioning our devices, but maintain our competitive market edge in pricing. We offer a reconditioned warranty with every device, backed by a hassle free guarantee.

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